vifferpoker| 0.09 yuan! The lowest price A shares have been locked in for delisting!


* ST Premium currently has a share price of only 0Vifferpoker.09 yuan, which is extremely rare in current A-shares.

In addition, another real estate company announced farewell to A shares. On the evening of May 15, * ST Shimao issued an announcement that the company received a prior notice of the proposed termination of the company's stock listing, as the daily closing price of the company's shares for 20 consecutive trading days was less than 1 yuan from April 12 to May 15, which touched the relevant provisions of the stock listing rules of the exchange. The SSE intends to decide to terminate the company's stock listing trading.

Although according to the relevant rules, the company has the right to apply for a hearing or submit a written statement and defense, but according to the past practice, the company is very likely to be difficult to recover.

0.09 yuanVifferpoker! The cheapest A-share stock

* ST Premium delisting is now a foregone conclusion. Due to poor performance, * ST Premium previously wore a hat at the end of April. As of today's close, * ST Premium currently has a share price of only 0.09 yuan, which is the only A-share share price below 10 cents.

In addition, due to 19 consecutive trading days below 1 yuan, even if the limit rises tomorrow, the stock will hit the trading delisting target because the share price is less than 1 yuan for 20 consecutive trading days. It is worth noting that since * ST Insurance wore a hat at the end of April, the stock has fallen 86.15% in just nine trading days.

According to the reporter's statistics, many ST stocks fell more astonishingly during the year.

Statistics show that of the more than 170 ST stocks as of May 10, 163 stocks have fallen during the year, accounting for more than 90% of the decline. Of these, the share prices of as many as 57 shares halved during the year, of which * ST Beauchamp (rights protection), * ST Yue Bo, * ST Poly, and * ST Sansheng (rights protection) have even fallen by more than 80 per cent this year.

Most of the companies with the biggest declines of ST stocks during the year did not perform well, such as a sharp decline in revenue and profits, or even large or continuous losses, under great operating pressure. In addition, many companies have been issued non-standard audit opinions by accountants.

In addition, the reporter found that among the ST stocks whose share prices halved during the year, there were relatively many stocks in architectural decoration, electronics, pharmaceutical biology, integration, communications and other industries.

* ST Shimao has increased its holdings in a buyback attempt to preserve its shell.

* ST Shimao announced farewell to A shares.

It is worth noting that at a time when the share price remains depressed, the company has issued an increase in holdings and buyback plans in an attempt to preserve the shell.

On August 4, 2023, the company issued an announcement on the progress and adjustment of the shareholding increase plan of the controlling shareholder or its concerted actors. In order to effectively promote the shareholding increase plan, based on the recognition of the long-term value of the company, the company's controlling shareholder Fengying International Co., Ltd. or its concerted actors voluntarily changed the original price ceiling of the increase to 1.80 yuan per share, and the increase period was extended for 9 months, that is, until May 30, 2024. The overall period for increasing holdings shall not exceed 12 months.

Up to now, the main investors have increased their holdings of 150 million shares of the company through the competitive trading system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with an increase of 166 million yuan, and the plan has not yet been completed.

* ST Shimao has also announced that it will buy back shares with its own funds, with a total repurchase capital of not less than 100 million yuan (inclusive) and no more than 200 million yuan (inclusive). Up to now, the company has repurchased a total of 149 million shares, accounting for 3.98% of the company's total share capital, and the total repurchased amount is 175 million yuan (excluding transaction fees).

* ST Shimao is a listed company of Shimao Group, which integrates integrated commercial real estate development and sales, commercial operation and management, and diversified investment. In the 2021 Fortune China 500 list, the company ranked 435th.

According to the 2023 annual report released by the company, the company achieved a total operating income of 5.547 billion yuan, down 3.48% from the same period last year, of which real estate sales revenue was 2.248 billion yuan, down 43.07% from the same period last year. The net profit attributed to shareholders of listed companies was-8.996 billion yuan.

ZTE Guanghua Accounting firm audited the 2023 report of Shanghai Shimao Co., Ltd., and issued an audit that could not be expressed.

The reasons for the audit report being issued are mainly due to significant uncertainties related to continuing operations, significant uncertainties in the provision for impairment of assets or fair value measurement related to real estate, and significant uncertainty about the impact of contingent events on the financial statements.

The trend of A-share * ST Shimao is diametrically opposite to that of Hong Kong Shimao Group.

vifferpoker| 0.09 yuan! The lowest price A shares have been locked in for delisting!

A-share * ST Shimao is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Shimao Group. With the recent sharp rise in the real estate sector, the two stocks move in the opposite direction.

Hong Kong stock Shimao Group has risen more than 200% since April 29, while A shares * ST Shimao fell by the limit one after another, closing at 0.43 yuan on May 15.

Market analysts pointed out that the real estate sector has risen one after another, mainly because a number of cities have optimized real estate-related policies, the performance of real estate companies is easy to improve. Prior to this, the share price of Shimao Group has fallen sharply due to the default of the company's debt, and the share price has rebounded strongly under the influence of relevant policies. While A-share ST Shimao has only a 5% limit on its rise and fall, so it pays less attention to capital under multiple risks.

According to the announcement of * ST Shimao, as of April 30, 2024, the company and its subsidiaries' open market debt, non-open market bank debt and non-bank financial institution debt totaled 12.055 billion yuan failed to be paid on schedule.

The company said that since 2022, the sharp decline in sales has not improved, the situation of narrowed and restricted financing channels has not been effectively improved, and the company still faces the problem of tight liquidity.

As for the impact on the company, * ST Shimao said that due to periodic cash constraints, the company fails to repay its debts on time, and will face the risk of paying liquidated damages, interest penalties and other extra fees, as well as the risk of bank accounts being frozen and mortgage assets seized, which may have an impact on the company's operations. In order to resolve the debt risk of the company, the company is making every effort to coordinate all parties to actively raise funds, and under the communication and consultation mechanism of the holders' meeting, formulate corresponding solutions to actively solve the current problems.